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Things We Think YOU Should Know...

(Please Also Read Our Section Below on Insurance Companies!)

A lot of consumers never have to deal with an insurance claim or a repair shop until their vehicle is damaged... Please read this information - you may find these facts extremely helpful in the dealings with your insurance company!!

* ALWAYS REMEMBER... your car is an INVESTMENT too! You should always maintain it's value and your safety by ensuring it is repaired correctly!

*You should never drive a damaged car, it may look safe but there may be additional damage that you cannot see.

* Don't let them fool you - insurance companies may try to get you to bring the car to them for inspection, you have the right to leave your car at our facility and request that the car be inspected here.

* The law does not require you to have more than one estimate or appraisal for the repairs to your vehicle.

* Sometimes estimates or appraisals can vary... If you have questions or concerns regarding your estimate - PLEASE ASK!

*ALWAYS  find out what type of warranty the shop offers with the repair

* ALWAYS REMEMBER - we will be working on your side to help negotiate your claim with the insurance company!

* Find out what kind of parts are going to be used to repair your vehicle:
The terms OEM, Aftermarket, Refurbished and Salvage - all refer to different types of parts.

Example: You have wrecked your Honda Accord and you need a new bumper... your options are :
OEM BUMPER: A New bumper made by Honda
AFTERMARKET BUMPER: A New bumper made by a company other than Honda
REFURBISHED BUMPER: A Used bumper that has been reconditioned to look new again
SALVAGE BUMPER: A Used bumper that has come off of another Honda Accord just like yours from a junk yard or salvage yard. 

*Insurance Company Information*

We Work With These Listed Below and All Other Companies Too


ALWAYS REMEMBER we WORK for you, NOT the insurance company!

Below Is a List of Things That Your Insurance Company May Tell You -

It is YOUR decision to decide what shop you want to bring your vehicle to for repairs! The insurance companies may try to "STEER or PERSUADE" you into a particular shop.
BY LAW... they can not tell you what shop to have your vehicle repaired at!

Here are some examples of phrases you might hear from an insurance company -


* "You may have to pay more if you go to the shop of your choice."
Insurance companies may tell you this to intimidate you. The insurance company be responsible for all costs associated with the repairs for which the accident caused. You will only be responsible for your deductible
(if it applies!).

* "We won't warranty the repair if you go to that shop!"
- Insurance companies are not responsible for the warranty of the repair. The body shop is, because they are the one's doing the repair! Always find out the shop's warranty prior to the start of the repair.

* " If you go to one of our shops, we will warranty the repairs for as long as you own the car."
- Once again, the insurance companies are not the one's who are performing the repairs - therefore they can not warranty the work.

"We can't give you a rental if you use them."
- If you pay for rental car coverage on your policy they have to give you a rental car - especially if you are a claimant hit by someone else!

* "They won't agree with our appraiser!"
- Shops that always agree with the appraiser are attempting to maintain a status with the insurance companies as being easy to deal with in the hopes of keeping the insurance companies happy. You are the customer! Our shop keeps the best interest of the customer at heart. We will not agree with an appraiser who writes an estimate that will shortcut the repair process!

" We have had a hard time with that shop/ We can't work with that shop!"
- This normally shows that a shop will not agree with the appraisers who sometimes think shops should cut corners to save costs or perform incomplete repairs! We are not on a preferred list for most insurance companies for exactly this reason! We will not keep information from you nor will we perform a repair that does not meet our standard, when it comes to customer service.

"They are not on our preferred list."
- It doesn't MATTER!! "Preferred" means that an insurance company "prefers" to use the shop over other shops in the area. Most commonly this is because the shop has a contract with the insurance company to pre-negotiate vehicle repairs by giving the insurance company discounts, using re-conditioned/aftermarket parts and even possibly not completing all necessary steps in the repair process.

* " If you go to a non-preferred shop, your repair will be delayed waiting for our adjuster to inspect your vehicle."
- Delays are the insurance companies problem - NOT YOURS! It has been our experience that any delays we have ever had while repairing a car for a customer, who was going through insurance, was because of something to do with the insurance company. It was not the customer's or the shops fault!! We make it a priority to contact you frequently throughout any repairs to update you on the status of the repair being done to your vehicle. If there are going to be any delays with the repairs to your vehicle, we will contact you as soon as possible if not immediately!


Insurance companies may claim to warranty aftermarket, refurbished or salvaged parts - If they do, please ask your insurance company this...

"How can you warranty my safety while I am driving 60 mph down the interstate and the salvage hood, you insisted the shop use on my vehicle, flies up and causes me to wreck?!"

A warranty is no good if you were to be injured - or worse... You have the right to have your vehicle repaired correctly and restored back to the same condition as it was prior to the accident!

DO NOT let the insurance companies try to fool you by using these phrases and others like them!!!! 

* Child Safety Seat Information*

Did you know...
If you have been in an accident and there was a child's safety seat in the car - the insurance company MUST replace it!
It DOES NOT MATTER if it looks damaged or not; or whether or not a child was occupying that seat during the wreck!

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